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brown water stains on ceiling in a kitchen

Ceiling Leak in a Newark Kitchen

The Newark homeowner knew that an immediate call to our SERVPRO office would bring out a team of water damage restoration technicians fast. This one water-damaged section of the ceiling can easily be torn out and replaced within days and little disturbance to our customers.

Green carpet, blocks under legs, air movers

Fremont Water Cleanup in a Small Office

The leak from the water cooler soaked the carpet with only about four gallons of water in this Fremont office. The owner called SERVPRO to vacuum it up and to dry out the green carpet with air movers. Notice we placed foam blocks under the legs to protect the desks and chairs.

fire debris in hallway and on a small table

House Fire in Newark

The house fire cleanup in this Newark property was all in the day's work for our skilled SERVPRO crew. We remove the charred debris to remove the pungent odors and to allow for inspection. We strive to preserve and save and not demolish whenever possible.

sofa, pad, studs showing on walls after demo

Basement Flooding in Fremont

This semi-finished basement in Fremont was storm-damaged by groundwater that soaked the carpet and wicked up the walls. SERVPRO discarded the contaminated flooring material and performed a flood cut on walls as shown in the Photo. Drying and the disinfecting would proceed with the build back.

dehu and flex duct with plastic sheet covering ceiling opening

Newark Ceiling Leak from a Burst Pipe

A PEX supply line burst in the attic and soaked the ceiling and a wall with volumes of water. SERVPRO arrived quickly at this Newark home and set up a containment barrier and direct positive air pressure with a dehumidifier to dry the attic void.

three dehus and more in a nursery

Newark Day Care Center and a Water Leak

The crew from SERVPRO responded quickly to this water leak in a local Newark daycare center. The dehumidifiers are completing the drying process. We strive to restore and not replace walls and flooring in our quest to help our neighbors.

ceiling removed showing floor joists and heavy beams

Ceiling Leak in Fremont

The leak from the PVC plumbing on the second-floor water damaged the ceiling in this Fremont structure. SERVPRO techs removed the soaked and hanging drywall ceiling panels to show the exposed framing in the Photo. The now dried raw lumber can be treated with an antimicrobial product to prevent mold growth before building back the ceiling.

soot, fire damage, wet damage in a bathroom post-fire

Fire and Water Damage in Newark

The mess left behind by the first responders in this Newark bathroom can be dealt with by SERVPRO. We have a lot of experience with house fire cleanups and can eventually make this home appear "Like it never even happened."

bare subfloor plywood, equipment drying, conduit to the exterior

Storm Cleanup in Fremont

The carpeting has been removed by SERVPRO techs from this storm-damaged Fremont home. Our team is porting excess moisture to the exterior while refreshing the air with an air scrubber. We have the equipment to restore most storm harmed structures.

water on wood floor by base cabinets in kitchen

Newark Water Cleanup

The leak from the kitchen sink covered the floor with water that needed removing by our SERVPRO crew. Our customer in Newark realized that simply removing the visible pooling was not sufficient, that a complete drying to standard moisture content levels was needed. We can do this, help prevent mold, and prepare the water-damaged kitchen for the final repair work.

washer/dryer mold and water damage, removed section of wall

Mold Removal from a Fremont Garage Area

The flooding festered and soaked into the walls of this area of a garage in Fremont. The black mold needed removal, no question about it. The ruined drywall and the resilient tile flooring were removed for this treatment. We can clean up this mold-infested area; this is what SERVPRO excels at--restoration without further issues.

hoses, small tubes yellow inside baseboard areas

Newark Commercial Water Removal

SERVPRO technicians can break out numerous devices to grapple with water damage migration in Newark commercial properties. This complicated injecti-dry system can force warm air into wall voids to speed up the drying. No need to tear out the walls, something our clients greatly appreciate.

green machines drying hardwood planks, curtains maroon

Fremont Floodwater Drying

The air movers and dehumidifiers are drying out the hardwood floors and walls in this Fremont structure. It was removed before the drying could begin. SERVPRO managed to salvage the wood planks from the scrap heap.

smoke tags, like spider webs, on ceiling and walls, light fixture

Newark Puff Back Damage

The spider-like smoke debris on the ceiling of this Newark house requires careful removal to prevent smearing and exacerbating the fire damage. SERVPRO can first vacuum up most of them and then use special sponges to continue the fire damage cleanup.

blue taped poly sheeting on a wall, equipment nearby

Targeted Water Damage Remediation in Fremont

The taped poly sheeting in this Fremont home reduces the treatment area for drying out the wet wall from a slight pipe leak. SERVPRO provides trained WRT water damage techs to minimize damage and the disruption time for our customers.

hole in ceiling, hanging material, rater visible

Newark Burst Pipe Ceiling Damage

Our SERVPRO team can remove the damaged ceiling material in this Newark home and dry out the above void. We apply an antimicrobial agent to ensure that mold growth does not occur after the reconstruction--another reason Why to call SERVPRO for water damage repairs.

concrete floor, flood cuts shown by common hall area

Bayland Flood Cleanup

The water from the flood receded, and then SERVPRO proceeded to do a controlled demolition in this Bayland commercial building. We can dry the wall void, spray an antimicrobial agent, and then hang new drywall at the flood cut level.

high hat light on, damage walls and ceiling peeling

Newark Ceiling Leaks from a Storm

The water damage remediation is apparent when viewing the damage to this Newark home's ceiling and walls. The rainstorm entered the attic via a breach in the roof tiles and drenched the crawl space. SERVPRO can begin the cleanup process by removing the hanging debris.

sooty covered cabinets and countertops in a long row

Fire Damaged Community Center Kitchen in Fremont

The sticky soot is pervasive in this Fremont common kitchen because of unattended cooking. SERVPRO can clean up the coatings without requiring any demolition with special cleaners and then clean the air with a light fogging.

two drying mats, vacuum equipment

Bayland Water Damage Recovery

SERVPRO offers advanced drying equipment like these drying mats, which are rescuing hardwood flooring in Bayland from demolition. We are drawing residual moisture from the tongue and groove slats to prevent ongoing water damage.

black mold on walls in closet with washer/dryer

Newark Mold Problem

This vacant rental unit in Newark had a severe mold infestation that ruined the drywall. SERVPRO can cut out the non-salvageable wallboard, fix the leak, and then spray an antifungal agent in the void before closing up the wall. We can do it all.

four air movers drying out aisle in a church, purple carpet

Church in Fremont and Water Damage

The leak from the pipe wet the purple carpeting in this Fremont area church interior. We understand the need for rapid drying with our advanced equipment to prevent water damage to the pews and electronics along with the carpet. SERVPRO can help.

fallen ceiling panels, mess on floor, visible ceiling joists

Newark Storm-Breached Roof

The straight-line storm punched a large hole in the roof of this Newark property. The visible damage is quite evident. SERVPRO crews can clean up and discard the damage, and then use our General Contractor License #: 937457 to rebuild the damaged house.

holes, water damaged ceiling in tiles and above

Water Leak in a Ceiling in Fremont

The drop ceiling acoustical tiles were damaged by a water leak in the void area of this Fremont office. SERVPRO can remove and discard the water-damaged materials, patch the roof, and then dry out the entire area. We can then spray an antimicrobial against fungi.

soot at a vent in a ceiling, dirty and black layers

Puff Back Smoke Damage in Newark

The furnace in this Newark home was not maintained properly and "puffed" back soot and smoke from an incomplete ignition. SERVPRO can remove the sooty deposits on the ceiling and the smoke tags (spider-web like formations) in the corners. Care must be taken not to smear and make the cleanup more complicated.

concrete pad, no carpet, wall framing visible with air movers

New Flooding Cleanup in Newark

The need to extract contaminated floodwater and damaged building elements is key to storm damage restoration in a Newark house. SERVPRO has responded swiftly and our equipment is completing the drying phase of the restoration.

round table, chairs, green drying equipment in a room

Newark Water Cleanup

This conference room suffered water damage, though slight, with no damage to the furnishings, flooring, and walls. Why? SERVPRO arrives quickly to extract the water and use our advanced equipment to remove the residual moisture.

equipment working on wood floor, walls panels removed, framing visible

Newark Storm Damage Mitigation

The flooding damaged the walls and flooring in this Newark home. SERVPRO techs have removed the pooling water, the non-salvageable drywall, and are now drying out the remaining dampness with centrifugal air movers.

Burnt trusses in an attic, black with the burning

Fremont Fire Damage in Attic

The charred trusses in this fire-damaged Fremont home can be scraped free of charring by our technicians. We can use dry ice blasting to remove the thin coat of carbon, spray an odor-suppressing primer on the raw timber, and eliminate the pungent odors.

plastic sheeting over water damaged and opened ceiling

Water Damaged Ceiling in Newark

The dangerous hanging drywall from the ceiling in this Newark home was removed by SERVPRO technicians to eliminate risks and also to dry out the above attic crawlspace. The plastic barrier contains the messy blown-in insulation until we can replace the damaged area.
plastic sheeting over water damaged and opened ceiling