What our Customers say...


SERVPRO is the third company to come through our house promising to fix our recurring mold problem.  However, they are the only one to live up to their promise. We are FINALLY living in a mold-free home.

An electric malfunction almost burned our house down, but we were lucky.  We were also lucky that a friend recommended SERVPRO to restore our home. I know we wouldn’t have been able to do it on our own, and definitely not so quickly.

I have a gently-used children’s clothing store and some of my clothes got wet when a leak sprung next door.  I called SERVPRO because I knew how to take care of my items but was worried about the wall.  They came in and discovered excess humidity, but took care of it with special machines.  Now I don’t need to worry about mold growing on my merchandise.

Storm water came into our attic where we store pictures, old school projects and other odds and ends.  Aside from having to deal with the insulation issue, I wasn’t sure of the other stuff. Your team at SERVPRO helped me sort it all out and we saved most of it.  Thank you!

I can’t thank SERVPRO enough for their help at my elderly parents’ home.  They are not easy to deal with, but the staff handled them beautifully.  Their home was back in order in no time at all.

My mother and I were looking for a service to help us dry and restore old files and photographs.  An internet search suggested SERVPRO as an expert in water restoration, so we gave them a try.  They were transparent about what they could help salvage and how and my mother is thrilled with the results.

Cleanup with regular cleaning spray is one thing, but when you see what SERVPRO can do with its products, you understand that calling the professionals is a good move.  Thanks to them, every surface in my room gleams and there are no traces of the fire anywhere.

I travel most weeks for work, so arriving to find a soaking wet living room was not pleasant.  I only had a couple of days to sort things out before my next trip, so I entrusted SERVPRO technicians to take over.  They were true to their word and my house was back to normal before I returned from my next trip.

Our business is young and the last thing we wanted was to spend money on restoration services, but we couldn’t afford to lose our inventory either.  After talking to your team we knew we were in good hands.  I now recommend your services to every small business owner I know.

We had just moved into our new home, when a severe storm pointed out its weaknesses.  One call to SERVPRO and a whole crew was looking at the damage and helping us fix it all. Thank you for walking us through every step of the process.

Thank you for taking such good care of my home.  To say I was overwhelmed by what was left behind after the fire had been put out is an understatement.  I couldn’t believe how professional and thorough you were in putting things back in order.

We keep fabric and upholstery in my shop, so when a pipe burst and humidity was rising I had to take quick action. Your team was fantastic and kept showing me the progress we were making.  We didn’t lose one single yard of fabric.

The water heater broke and we didn’t realize it until the water had seeped into the hallway carpet.  We tried to dry it, but after a few days we realized it was still wet and starting to smell.  SERVPRO came in, cleaned it and dried it and now it looks like new.

Thank you SERVPRO for helping us with restoring our sunroom.  It is our favorite room in the house and you had it dry and ready very quickly.  We really appreciate your prompt response in such a busy time.

We had a small fire at home which we took care of, but the smell of smoke was still there a month later.  A friend suggested your services and I thought it was worth a try.  In just a few days you succeeded where my scented candles, air fresheners and homemade solutions failed.  Now my house smells wonderful again!

The smell of smoke in our home was awful despite our best efforts.  I finally contacted SERVPRO for help and their equipment was no match for the stench.  I highly recommend them.

We knew our French doors needed to be replaced, but when the storm blew through them it was game over.  Thank you SERVPRO for helping us clean the damage and setting up barriers so the rest of the house wouldn’t suffer.

I am a hospital administrator and have no time for leisure these days, much less for house repairs.  I first noticed a funky smell before discovering the mold.  I turned my keys over to SERVPRO and the team worked while I was at the hospital.  Every day they shared their progress and I was reassured that hiring them was the best choice I could have made.

I am an artist with flammable paint all over the place.  When a small fire erupted I was FREAKING OUT.  Thanks to your team I was able to calm down and figure out what the next steps needed to be to let my creativity soar again.

A leaky bathtub surprised us and we didn’t know how bad the damage was.  When your team arrived with all its measuring tools and looked into where the water had accumulated, we were able to make an informed decision about next steps.  Without SERVPRO’s help we would have left some problem areas unaddressed.

The fire wasn’t big, but we still called SERVPRO to be sure we weren’t missing any damaged spots.  What made the most difference, though, was their help in helping me file the insurance claim.  Their documentation was outstanding and made the process smoother.  Thank you!

I recently had knee surgery and can’t move around very well.  When my kitchen sink leaked through my kitchen and into the dining room, I knew I needed help to dry the floors, walls and furniture.  I am so glad I called the SERVPRO crew.  Nothing like leaving things to the pros.

Our bonus room is rarely used so it had been a few weeks since the leak had started.  We worried about the germs outside water could bring into our home.  SERVPRO helped us dry and sanitize the room and even inspected the rest of the house just in case.  Very thorough.

My tutoring service is set up like an office, but I couldn’t operate with wet carpet and a funky humid smell.  SERVPRO came in as soon as I called them and they had the space dry and ready to go by the time my next student arrived the next day. A+ for them!

We made our garage a home office, but had to share it with the washer and dryer.  One day the washer line burst and there was water all over the place including my computer and documents.  I called SERVPRO and they arrived quickly and started working as soon as they got here.  The problem was solved in no time at all.

The storm made water rise and flood the entrance room into our home.  My grown kids and I tried to get rid of all the water, but it was clear that the drywall and carpet needed help.  One of my kids suggested we call you guys and now I know we made the right decision. 

Our shop is close to a school, so we have a lot of hungry teens coming through.  We can’t afford to close down, so when we faced water damage, we called SERVPRO to help us asap.  They didn’t disappoint!

Time is money in my industry, so calling in the specialists was a no-brainer.  Thank you SERVPRO for having my place up and running in no time at all!

My kids attempted to create a fish tank (minus the tank) in our living room. Needless to say, their experiment was a disaster and my husband and I thought we had to replace everything from floors to furniture to bookcases.  A colleague at work recommended that we call you guys and we are so glad we did!  A few days later everything was back to normal (except the kids are still grounded!).

My wife left a pan on the stove and the kitchen caught on fire.There was smoke and soot inside all the cabinets and utensils/containers melted all throughout.  We called SERVPRO to help us clean and deodorize the house and they were great.