What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

I have a gently-used children’s clothing store and some of my clothes got wet when a leak sprung next door.  I called SERVPRO because I knew how to take care of my items but was worried about the wall.  They came in and discovered excess humidity, but took care of it with special machines.  Now I don’t need to worry about mold growing on my merchandise.

Our business is young and the last thing we wanted was to spend money on restoration services, but we couldn’t afford to lose our inventory either.  After talking to your team we knew we were in good hands.  I now recommend your services to every small business owner I know.

We keep fabric and upholstery in my shop, so when a pipe burst and humidity was rising I had to take quick action. Your team was fantastic and kept showing me the progress we were making.  We didn’t lose one single yard of fabric.

I am an artist with flammable paint all over the place.  When a small fire erupted I was FREAKING OUT.  Thanks to your team I was able to calm down and figure out what the next steps needed to be to let my creativity soar again.

My tutoring service is set up like an office, but I couldn’t operate with wet carpet and a funky humid smell.  SERVPRO came in as soon as I called them and they had the space dry and ready to go by the time my next student arrived the next day. A+ for them!

Our shop is close to a school, so we have a lot of hungry teens coming through.  We can’t afford to close down, so when we faced water damage, we called SERVPRO to help us asap.  They didn’t disappoint!